Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotion valid only for qualifying products designated by Wireless Solutions LLC. Reseller account associated with the WSi rewards participant must be in good credit standing with Wireless Solutions LLC.
  2. Total qualifying purchases (up to the maximum limit) may be claimed in one or more submissions, and can be grouped in any combination.
  3. To add new points to their account, the reseller must completely fill out the online submission form via the “Add Points” tab at and supply all requested documentation. Online claim information and supporting documentation must match. All claims will be validated and claim approval is required to receive qualifying points. Points cannot be claimed in addition to other discounts or promotions.
  4. Proof of sale (sales receipt or invoice) is required, and supporting documentation must be dated during the promotional period and sold within the past forty-five (45) days. Multiple sales receipts/invoices allowed per claim. The authorized reseller that issued the invoice/sales receipt must be the same authorized reseller entered on the online claim submission form. Pick tickets/packing slips/order acknowledgments are not acceptable.
  5. Please allow 4-5 weeks from receipt of a valid and complete submission to receive your points. Points rewarded from the same submission will be added to your account at the same time. Points are only valid within the same calendar year as the date of submission. Any points remaining after are subject to termination without notice.
  6. Rewards will be shipped to the residential address associated with the rewards account. A residential address is considered a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live on the premises. Rewards cannot be mailed to a PO Box or business address. Claims and profiles with a PO Box or business address may be rejected.
  7. Reward returns/exchanges: WSI Reward participants must process a return with Wireless Solutions LLC for any non-working, damaged, or incorrectly fulfilled rewards within thirty (30) days of the delivery date to receive a replacement reward. For undeliverable rewards, WSi Reward participants must notify Wireless Solutions LLC that the reward was not received within 14 days of the ship date to qualify for a replacement. Exchanges are not allowed after a reward has been fulfilled or shipped.
  8. For reward questions call Wireless Solutions at 888-339-0217 or email
  9. No cash will be provided. No extended delivery dates are allowed.
  10. Rewards are only valid in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and are void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.
  11. Wireless Solutions LLC is not responsible for lost, mutilated, misdirected or postage due mail (paper or electronic), and shall not be responsible for any shipping or invoice delays. Product returned for refund are not eligible for the promotion. Duplicate requests will not be considered.
  12. Wireless Solutions LLC and its agents have the right to audit, validate or verify any points claimed, serial numbers submitted, and any other information associated with the rewards profile and claims. Wireless Solutions LLC and its agents also have the right to require additional validating information that may not have been required at the time of claim or profile set-up. If any information cannot be validated by Wireless Solutions LLC or its agents, the claim will be rejected and the rewards profile may be deactivated.
  13. The submission of false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent information or documentation could result in disqualification from this and future Wireless Solution LLC promotions, and criminal activity will be referred to the appropriate authority for action.
  14. Wireless Solutions LLC reserves the right to modify, withdraw or cancel this promotion at any time, with or without any prior notice. Please make a copy of all materials submitted.
  15. This offer is subject to product availability.
  16. WSi rewards participants cannot claim points on behalf of other rewards members.
  17. Wireless Solutions LLC is not responsible for misuse of any rewards by officials or employees of the WSi rewards participant and, to the extent permitted by law, the WSi rewards participant agrees to release and hold Wireless Solutions LLC harmless with regard to the participation in the promotion, and acceptance and/or use of any rewards.